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Mallorca beaches
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colonia Sant Jordi, Playa Es Carbo

colonia Sant Jordi, Mallorca
colonia Sant Jordi, Mallorca
Colonia Sant Jordi is a small fishing port and marina.

 Cabrera, Mallorca
Cabrera, Mallorca
Cabrera island seen from colonia Sant Jordi,
playa colonia Sant Jordi
playa colonia Sant Jordi
Es Port beach, is near the port and the promenade.

colonia Sant Jordi beach
colonia Sant Jordi Beach
Es Dolç beach, will walk from the end of the beach Es Port.
colonia Sant Jordi, Ses Salines
colonia Sant Jordi, Ses Salines
Anchoring boats in colonia Sant Jordi, the background is the island of Cabrera.

Colonia Sant Jordi beaches, Mallorca
colonia San Jordi beaches, Mallorca
Es Port beach view from the beach road Es Dolç.

Colonia de Sant Jordi started as summer center for the inhabitants of nearby villages and Palma, many have a second home there. Over the years it has become a center
quality tourism,  with great animation and good fish restaurants.
Colonia  Sant Jordi preserves an old salt industry, the salt industry is very old, dates back to Roman times. In Colonia Sant Jordi is the salt industry, called S'entanys or Sa Vall.
The port, which retains a small fishing industry has become an attractive marina.
There are also many boats anchored under their protection.
From the port there are boats that travel to the island of Cabrera, travelers may be a few hours at the island and return in the afternoon.
Colonia Sant Jordi known for its nearby beaches, many virgins, no buildings belonging to the municipality of Ses Salines and Campos.

beaches, Colonia Sant Jordi map

- playa es Perengons petits: It is a sea inlet near S'Illa Gavina. This elongated island preserved prehistoric caves.
- playa Es Port: Es port beach is next to the marina, is the beach that has more services such as
showers, pedal boats ect. .
- playa Es Dolç: You can go from Colonia Sant Jordi for a walk that begins at the end of beach Es Port, has a length of 800metros
- cala Galiota: Beach rock and sand, used for anchoring small boats.
Salinas S'Estanys, Sa Vall
Salt production called S'Estanys or Sa Vall

Colonia Sant Jordi beaches, Mallorca , Majorca

Playa Es Carbo, Ses Roquetes beach

Among the Colonia Sant Jordi and the Cap Salines lighthouse is a wide variety of
rocky and sandy beaches in a beautiful natural area, no buildings, only shelters for fishing boats. There are several islets such as Na Guardis that protect the sand from the beaches of wind and sea attacks.  Is rich in birds and vegetation due to wet areas, in the dunes of the beach is the sea thistles and white lilies, in the interior there are plenty of pine, juniper and wild olive.
Along the beaches there is a path from Colonia de Sant Jordi to Cap Salines. From Colonia Sant Jordi, the road begins at the beach Es Dolç. The other point of departure is from Cap Salines, where you can get here by car. Between these two points is the property S'Avall, can only enter the area the residents registered in Ses Salines. You can go to groups on request.
Playa Es Carbo is about 30 'walk from Colonia Sant Jordi, protected by the islet Na Moltona is one of the most attractive beaches of Mallorca. At the end of Carbo's beach is the beach Ses Roquetes.

Ses Salines map

beaches Ses Salines
playa Es Carbo, Mallorca
Playa Es Carbo is a beautiful beach of Mallorca, for their
natural environment and its fine sand

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Photos, beaches

Ses Salines beaches
Ses Salines beaches, Mallorca
Among playa Es Dolc and Ses Roquetes beach there are several beaches of great beauty

playa Es Carbo
Es Carbo beach, Ses Salines
Playa Es Carbo, the background the island of Na Moltoná.

Ses Roquetes beach, Mallorca
Ses Roquetes beach, Mallorca
At the end of the playa Es Carbó is the Ses Roquetes beach.

Colonia San Jordi beach, Ses Salines

Ses Salines beaches
Ses Salines, beaches
Small beach on the way to the Es Carbo beach, there are shelters for fishermen.
beaches Mallorca
coast Ses Salines
Along the coast of Ses Salines can see pleasure boats.
 cala Galiota
cala Galiota
Cala Galiota formed by rocks, is used for anchoring small boats.

The festivities of Colonia Sant Jordi is the first Saturday of August and are very popular especially among young people. A competition that does is the release of rubber ducks with prizes inside, There are also canoe competitions, musical events and fireworks. The celebrations in Ses Salines is July 23.

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the weather, information, Mallorca beaches

General Emergency phone:112

Medical Emergency:
Tel. 061

Government Ses Salines:
C/ Plaça Major. 1 – Tel. 971-649117

Tourism office( colonia Sant Jordi):
C/ Explanada del Puerto – Tel. 971-656073
Fax: 971-656447

C/ Lluna, s/n – Tel, 971-656464
Post office:
Plaça Major, 1 – Tel. 971-649117

Medical center of Campos (medical emergency):
C/ Tren s/n – Tel. 971-652178

Local police:
C/ Plaça Major, 1 – Tel. 971-649311
WEB government  Ses Salines

Taxi Colonia Sant Jordi:
C/ Bonanza 22, 07638 – Tel. 971-655867

bus timetables, lines 500

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Photos cala, playa

cala Ses Salines
Colonia San Jordi, Mallorca
Coast of Colonia San Jordi, in the background is the coast of Campos.

The Lighthouse
The Lighthuose is a venue for the youth of the area.
Cabrera island
Cabrera island
Cabrera island dominates the landscape of Ses Salines.

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