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Mallorca beaches

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Portals Vells Playa, Nudist beach el Mago

Portals Vells playa
Portals Vells, playa
Playa Sa Platgeta of Portals Vells, near the caves. It is the smallest beach..

Portals Vells, Mallorca
Portals Vells, Mallorca
Portals Vells is a natural place full of beaches and beatifull landscapes..
Portals Vells beach, Mallorca
portals vells beach, Mallorca
Sa Caleta is the biggest beach of
Portals vells, has a small restaurant.

Portals Vells, Caves
In these caves the stone was extracted to build the Cathedral of Palma.
playa Portals Vells
playa Portals Vells, Calvia, Mallorca
The beaches of Portals Vells are in a protected area of Calvia, Mallorca.

portals vells
Portals Vells, Calvia
Portals Vells is an ideal place to anchor boats.
Mallorca beaches

Portals Vells is a protected zone of beaches in the municipality of Calvia. It is close to Magaluf, which is an important tourist center.
He has an extensive forest. At the entrance is a golf course called "Poniente golf."  It has two beaches very close, which is known as Sa  Caleta and Platgeta. Deviating from the path of the beaches of Portals Vells on the left is the nudist beach "El Mago".
Close to the nude beach there is another smaller beach called Playa del Rei.
It has excellent conditions to anchor boats, has a background of 4-5 meters.
It is an ideal area for hiking through the woods and cliffs, many people walk from the nearby town of Magaluf.
All beaches have a parking area nearby.

Portals Vells Map
  • playa Sa Caleta: Beach 25 m. long and 90 m wide, fine sand, with calm waters. It has restaurant service.
  • playa Sa Platgeta: It is smaller than Sa Caleta, is next to the caves. Sandy beach.
  • playa El Mago: Beach 25 m. long and 20 m wide, fine sand, this allowed the practice of nudism. It has restaurant service.
  • playa of Rei: Beach 25 m. long and 7 m wide. It has bar service.
Portals Vells, beaches
Portals Vells has beaches and numerous places to enjoy the sea and coastal landscapes.
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Portals Vells, Mallorca

Nudist beach El Mago (The Magician), History

The beach of El Mago ( the Magician) is well known for being the first nudist beach of Calvia. Its name is due to be filmed in 1967 the film "The Magician" with famous actors Candice Bergen, Michael Caine and Anthony Quinn. Newspapers of the time they said it was a place of Greece, it was actually Mallorca.
Impressed by the beauty of this place in the 30s they built a house American singer Dina Moore Bowden and gave his name to a place called Sa Punta de Na Dina.
In the bay of Portals Vells stone blocks were extracted for the construction of the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, creating a large cave with several entrances next to the beach. The doors of the cave gave the name to the area (Portals).

The Mother of God of Portals Vells.

In the fifteenth century, legend has it that some sailors from Genoa were saved by a strong temporary refuge in the bay of Portals Vells in gratitude put an image of the Virgin in the cave. In 1866 he moved the image to a church in Portals Nous.

How to get to beaches Portals Vells?, How to get to the nudist beach El Mago?:
You can take the bus line L-107 Palma-Cala Viynes from Palma, Magaluf, Palmanova
ect ... (bus schedule), get off at the casino and from there walk to the beach del Rei. You can also go on the road to Son Ferrer-Poniente golf, but the distance is 5 km (see map).

Portals Vells map

 Nudist beach El Mago, Mallorca
nudist beach, El Mago, Mallorca
The nudist beach of el Mago is one of the most appreciated of Mallorca, located in Portals Vells you can walk from Magaluf, Calvia.

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El Mago, nudist beach
El Mago, nudist beach
The Beach el Mago is a famous nudist beach of Mallorca.

Cala Portals Vells
In Portals Vells is a great variety of beaches and coves.

beaches calvia
beaches Portals Vells, Mallorca
Portals Vells is a place away from the tourist centers.

Nudist playa El Mago

calas calvia
calas Portals Vells, Mallorca
In the bay of Portals Vells is a large cave with several entrances.
At the entrance of the bay there is a watchtower built in 1584.
 playa of Rei
Rei beach, Mallorca
The Rei beach surrounded by trees near the beach of el Mago.

Portals Vells is a distance from the main tourist centers, you can go to get direction from Magaluf Son Ferrer, at the junction is the Poniente golf, after 6 km there is a detour to the nudist beach of el Mago, and to the beaches of Portals Vells.


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Caves the Mother of God
In these caves the stone was extracted to build the cathedral of Palma.

Port Portals Vells
There is a small port, on the grounds of the village Sol de Mallorca.

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